What clients say about us

Janice Ross

I highly recommend Dr Nader for treatment of any back problems

Michael Schalage

Since he surgery i’m basically pain free. I’d recommend Dr Nader…with the most highest regards

Christina Jacob, New York, USa

He gave me my life back

Dr Cliff Ozmun

I came to see Dr Nader and he was able to diagnose, quickly fix, and repair my back and restore me back to all the things I love doing and I thank him very much

James Kevin Johnson

I went to Dr Naders office and was immediately put at ease… The tumor is gone! Dr Nader saved my life and I’m very grateful for that.

The CitéFlex private clinic is one of the first clinics specialized in consulting for neurosurgical problems in the Province of Quebec. The clinic offers you a quick access to the team of Dr. Nader, neurosurgeon, and a network of health professionals in order to diagnose and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your back and neck pain

CiteFlex is affiliated to Flexidy


1435 boul Saint-Martin O,
Suite 607
Laval, QC H7S 2C6
Tel: 450-669-1344
Fax: 450-669-1901