Tendinitis, sport and musicians disorders, malformations of the hand …

To establish the most accurate diagnosis possible and guide you to the most appropriate treatment, the multi-disciplinary team of the hand clinic is entirely specialized.


The hand clinic: from carpal tunnel to Dupuytren’s disease …

The most frequently treated problems: carpal tunnel, trigger fingers, synovial cysts, mucoid cysts of the fingers, tendonitis (of Quervain), Dupuytren’s disease, occupational accidents, and many others…


carpal tunnel pain and numbness in the hands







We also offer EMG services to diagnose with a great deal of confidence Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Do you suspect suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? Book your EMG exam now with Dr. Sebastien Fournier and be confident about your diagnostic.Dr. Fournier uses state of the art procedures and EMG equipment. Avoid unnecessary surgeries and complications!




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